The first consultation will last around 1 hour. Initially a detailed case history will be taken. If you have any medical reports or scans, please bring them in with you. Secondly, a detailed clinical examination an osteopathic diagnosis will be made. If appropriate, a treatment plan will be discussed with you. In the event osteopathic medicine is not considered indicated, you will be referred to the appropriate health care practitioner for further investigations. The goal of the first consultation is primarily to come to a working diagnosis and not the treatment itself. The following consultations will be mainly focussed on treatment and can last between 20 and approximately 45 minutes depending on your problem.

Generally a first consultation will not include an internal gynaecologic examination. If an internal examination is considered necessary it will be discussed with you so that you have time to think about it before the next consultation.

What to expect

Osteopathic medicine is a manual form of medicine. Techniques include e.g. joint manipulation, fascia, joints and viscera mobilisation, soft tissue releases, muscle energy techniques, craniosacral, etc. Occasionally internal techniques (intraoral, per vagina o rectum) might be suggested to you when considered indicated. These techniques will be explained to you in detail beforehand. Depending on your problem you might be asked to come for 2-6 follow-up treatments. Longstanding problems might however take longer to resolve.You might also be given specific lifestyle or postural advice and/or specific rehabilitation exercises.

.The treatment
case history & assessment
management plan or referral
clinical diagnosis

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N.B. It is not uncommon to experience a reaction after treatment for 24-48 hs

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